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Cristo Rey Fort Worth College Prep

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Corporate Work Study Program » Prospective Students

Prospective Students

As a Cristo Rey Fort Worth student, not only will you earn a quality college-preparatory education from a private, Catholic high school, but you have the opportunity to work five days per month in the offices of various Tarrant County Companies. See our full list of corporate partners here.

How It Works

  • Typically, four students share one entry-level, clerical position at a corporate office in the Tarrant County area
  • Students rotate their schedules, each working five full days per month
  • Academic schedules are structured so that students never miss a class
  • Students work standard business hours, usually 8:30-9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., from August through early June


  • Get exposure to a range of career opportunities and professional fields in the local community
  • Gain job experience preparing them to succeed in college and life as informed citizens and engaged leaders
  • Gain confidence, responsibility, and maturity
  • Build relationships with positive role models and mentors
  • Earn a substantial portion of their high school tuition

GRIT Academy

  • GRIT = Grit. Responsibility. Integrity. Tenacity.
  • All incoming freshmen and transfer students attend GRIT Academy, a work-skills training program held at Cristo Rey Fort Worth over the summer
  • Students learn technical skills such as keyboarding, Microsoft Office, phone systems, faxing, scanning and filing
  • The program also covers “soft” skills such as workplace etiquette, customer service, and appropriate professional behavior
  • Students participate in a college overnight trip at a local university

Monthly Work Schedule

Typically students are assigned a specific day of the week to work and share a rotating Monday with the rest of their job team. A typical monthly rotation schedule is listed below, showing each students work days.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1
Damien Amber Jose Esther Damien
Week 2 Damien Amber Jose Esther Amber
Week 3 Damien Amber Jose Esther Jose
Week 4 Damien Amber Jose Esther Esther