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Employee of the Month Winner

January: Emmanuel
Emmanuel is a model of consistency, integrity, and courage. He has picked up very quickly on creative assignments (in MS Powerpoint). Emmanuel displays great maturity for his age. He has been to meetings with TXDOT, Dallas Cowboys, Six Flags, and City of Arlington representatives. When he is not at the meetings people always inquire about him and comment on his maturity. Emmanuel is not afraid of saying he does not know when presenting to a group and asked tough questions. For example, he gave a presentation yesterday on the difference between reverse osmosis water and deionized water after which there were some technical questions beyond the depth of his presentation that he did not know the answer to and he simply stated as much. Many people try to explain their way around the question to "save face". Emmanuel has compiled sanitary sewer data which will help us save tens of thousands of dollars. When Emmanuel comes to work he dives right into work at his desk whether his normal supervisors (Bruce Hanen or Kaitlyn Long) are in or not. Even at his age Emmanuel is a great example for our employees.