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Employee of the Month Winner

January: Marvin
supervisorMarvin is incredibly dependable and consistent in his work. He shows up for work prepared each day and manages his time and projects wisely. He is always professional in appearance and demeanor and approaches each assignment with the utmost detail and thoroughness. Marvin is very good about receiving instructions and following through until completion. He always takes notes and retains information extremely well. He has regular duties which he has mastered and stays on top of. Marvin is very accomplished in the tasks he has learned which affords me the comfort level to leave him unattended to complete projects while I am addressing other issues and handling business away from my office. By mid-term this year, Marvin had sufficiently mastered 75% of the HR tasks that I have planned for him to learn this year. Aside from this, he is pleasant to speak to and exercises impeccable manners. I cannot recommend a better example for student worker of the month!