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Employee of the Month Winner

September: Samuel
We take pride in the fact that we give our interns hard topics to digest (SEC Enforcement Cases) and have them do things outside of their comfort zone like reading the Wall Street Journal and preparing summaries of the articles they have read in PowerPoint and presenting the articles in front of 4+ people in a boardroom. The first day Sam came back to our office from summer break he immediately jumped back into the work groove, NO instruction needed! This semester, one of the things we will be focusing on with Sam is managerial skills. Since he excelled his freshman year as an intern at TPG, we wanted him to use the knowledge he had about our Firm and our work culture and share that with our other interns so that they can also have a successful internship. The most thoughtful and impactful thing happened today. Sam proactively reached out to me (sent me a meeting request through Outlook) to ask if we could discuss Jade. I let him lead the meeting and he had key points he wanted to go over. (1) How is she doing (2) Are her Wall Street Journal summaries improving (3) Can he come in, on his day off from school, to shadow Jade (since she is a Friday worker tomorrow) so that he can assist her in a real time situation. I can't say enough how proud we are of Sam and the progress he has made in just one year is astounding! Please accept our nomination for Samuel Jordan as September employee of the month.