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Employee of the Month Winner

September: Jennyfer
jennyfer with supervisors
It is with much enthusiasm that I nominate Jennyfer as CWSP Employee of the Month. While Jennyfer has built a strong, positive reputation here at CCFW, I still held some reservations about how an intern could reach the level of professionalism and work ethic that was being described when my teammates were talking about her. From the moment I met Jennyfer, my reservations started to crumble. I have had the pleasure of working with Jennyfer for a little over one month now and in that short amount of time her level of professionalism, attitude of team work and work ethic exceeds even some of the most professional individuals I have come across in my lifetime. Her attitude of team work is phenomenal – One example that comes to mind is when we had another department ask for her support on a big project they were working on. When Jennyfer completed the assignment, she noticed on her way back to her office that our reception desk was in immediate need of her Spanish speaking skills. She offered her support and helped solved the problem quickly. Not only did she demonstrate a strong attitude of team work by helping the reception desk out, she also knew that here at CCFW we put our clients first. The support she offered helped our reception desk team out but more importantly it directly supported our client. For CCFW this a high priority. Jennfyer recognized an opportunity where her skill-sets could be utilized, she offered her services and followed through to ensure successful completion. Even though this opportunity wasn’t in Jennifer’s typical scope of responsibilities and maybe even out of her comfort zone, she stepped up to the plate and made a huge impact with our reception desk team and our clients, she also served as a model to other teams of how to be a team player. While this is just one example, there are several more just like this one that I can refer back to. Jennyfer’s strengths are complemented by her demonstrated project management skills. She has willingly taken on several projects and has gone above and beyond the expectations. When running into hurtles outside of her control she stays persistent and uses her problem-solving skills to overcome barriers. She keeps the lines of communication strong and ensures everyone necessary is in the know. No only is Jennyfer adding value by taking on responsibilities, she is also adding new life to the team. Her fresh perspective and positive attitude is a plus! In the short amount of time Jennyfer has been with us this year she made a great impact on our team. We are proud to call her a teammate.